VigiPay Payment Solution

Interface Design, Prototype


VigiPay makes payments easy and simple. It enables you to make real-time electronic payments from anywhere in the world straight to your customer’s bank accounts. With VigiPay you can create professional invoices and track your payment statuses.


Vigipay Stakeholders needed a stable and reliable platform that outperformed previous solutions. Their legacy systems had suffered from antiquated workflows as well as flawed methods for multi-tenancy of the product.

Business Goal

  1. Reduce the time it takes to onboard a user.
  2. Provide the option for the user to make a quick decision when they get into the system unlike having a dashboard with a table which will cause a memory overload.
  3. The user should be able to Make Payment by the following:Local PaymentInternational Payment

The Journey

Leveraging Agile and SCRUM methodology, we setup a bi-weekly cadence between our teams to ensure consistent communication and delivery. Working in an iterative process allowed us to define, deliver, review, and test in parallel, which greatly increased product quality while also ensuring no time was wasted on unnecessary work.

UX Process


Once you sign in, you will be welcomed with this page, that will always ask you what you will like to do. The aim was to simplify your navigation through the platform and narrow it down to efficiently capture the goal you want to achieve.

Overview Dashboard

The Global Analytics Dashboard aims to capture your payment processing performance across all the relevant channels that you signed up for. For example, if you signed up for WebPay (Card & Account) and BillsPay , you will only be able to see overview performance for these two ( 2 ) services.